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* International shipping services *

Our company's international shipping services are characterized by fast delivery

This is done through the proper selection of the best shipping methods at the lowest cost and fastest time that suits the size and type of goods

Our international shipping company has an electronic system that connects it to the customs network, shipping lines, our agents abroad, and our customers.

Air freight services

Using aircraft specialized in transporting goods

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Customs certificate
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Company AWSTR

A leading company in the field of import, export and international trade based in Turkey. It was founded by a group of experts in this field. It provides commercial and consulting services in addition to general services.
We always meet your needs

* How we work *

How we deliver your parcels

Follow up shipping

We follow your shipment until it reaches you safely

customs clearance

Customs clearance is a process that enables shippers to export and import goods to and from a country

Import and Export

Importing and exporting is a complex task, because it is not just placing an order and waiting for the goods to arrive

Transport of goods

Shipping is the transportation of goods from one place to another and from one country to another, either by sea freight through ports by ship or by air freight

Some opinions of our valued customers

Our customers praise our services and want to continue working with us because of the satisfactory service they have experienced that meets their ambitions and needs and achieves their gains.


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